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Creating a Financially Stable Martial Arts School

If you truly believe your martial art is worth teaching, if you feel it truly provides life changing benefits to your students then you have a responsibility to do everything you can to create a financially stable and profitable martial arts school.

This is the third article in an on-going series based on Master Jim Mather’s column in Black Belt magazine during the late 1990s
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5 Methods of Internal Martial Arts Marketing

Internal marketing is all about presenting products and services to your existing students. This is a vital part of any top martial arts management strategy and vital to the success of your martial arts school.

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Follow Up is Critical in Martial Arts Management

When someone calls to ask for information on your martial arts school what happens? There are three possible scenarios.

First, you can sign them up for your introductory process. Second, they can tell you they have to think about it, check other schools,  confer with their spouse about scheduling, etc. Third, they can say they are not interested. In other words, they can say yes, maybe or no.

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The Habit of Martial Arts Management

To be a Black Belt in the martial arts you must train every day. You must practice the basics over and over and over.  Soon you develop the habit of training.

To be a Black Belt in martial arts management you must do the same thing – practice the basics over and over and over until it too becomes a habit.

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FAQ for Martial Arts Management

The term, Frequently Asked Questions, and it’s acronym, FAQ, first became popular with news groups and bulletin board systems long before the world wide web ever existed. Now we see it everywhere and on many commercial web sites.

Do you have an FAQ for your martial arts school? Actually, you should have several FAQs.

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