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4 Ways to Help Students Stay in Your Martial Arts School Longer

For some martial arts schools it seems to be a constant battle to keep students from dropping out. As a martial arts business manager it is your job to find ways to help students continue their training.

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How to Use Referrals for Your Martial Arts Business

A martial arts school is like any other business in many ways. You need customers, you need to keep those customers coming back and you need your customers to bring in new customers.

Learning how to use referrals is a key component of your martial arts marketing strategy.

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School Calendar is Key to Organized Martial Arts Management

If you randomly do things and constantly prepare marketing for your martial arts school at the last minute you are costing yourself money.

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Three Reasons to Set Proper Pricing for Your Martial Arts School

There are those that would tell you that they teach the martial arts for the love of the art – not for the money. They think that charging a proper amount of money for their services some how makes them a “sell out” or that they are only in it to get rich.

But these are exactly the people who do a disservice to their students and the community at large.

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The Follow Up Checklist for Martial Arts Management

In running a martial arts school, follow up is a major key to being successful. It starts with your marketing and goes all the way through the sales process and the entire time a student is with you in your martial arts school.

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