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Call Your Former Students to Get New Ones

Every martial arts school has students who have left for any number of reasons. Some you can dismiss such as moving, going off to collage, etc.

You can increase your enrollments two ways by contacting former students. One is by

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40 Ways to Bring New Students Into Your Martial Arts School

Someone once said, “I don’t know how to bring in 40 clients per month but I do know 40 ways to bring in 1 client a month.”

That’s me.

When I talk about bringing in new students to your martial arts school I never

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What You Owe to Your Martial Arts Students

What you owe your martial arts students is your absolute best efforts to retain them for as long as possible. To some, this might seem selfish but, in fact, it is just the opposite.

This article is another of the continuing series of posts based on IMAMS founder,

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Listen and Ask to Run a Better Martial Arts School

Listen to your customers. These are not just the students but also the parents of students. Listening to your customers can help you retain more of them for longer periods of time. It can help prevent small issues from festering into large issues.

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Martial Arts Business from a Tax Point of View

We just passed the tax deadline for this year here in America. This is actually a great time to meet with your accountant to plan ahead for the rest of the year.

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