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Website Renovation Update

Hello Team,

The next area we are moving onto for renovations is the store.   We want to streamline the store a bit and update the graphics.  Behind the scenes we are rewriting and repackaging the modules to include video.  The new graphics will reflect the modules we have updated.  

We are also putting together a video-on-demand page so that you can quickly jump straight to a video of the material rather than just a text description. 

I thought about taking the store offline while we do this but I’ve always like to watch things as they change and gorw so fo those that want to check in on our progress I’ll be leaving everything live.

If you would like a custom package on a certain topic than please email me at and I will put together exactly what you need in the format of your chosing.

Thanks for checking in.  I hope to have everything done soon.

Stop By And See Us At The 2012 EFC Summit In Washington D.C.

Hi Team,

Stop by our booth at the EFC Summit in Washington DC and ask us for $100.   Master Garcia is speaking at one of the seminars on Marketing Mastery.

Where on this planet can you go for 3 days and be trained by the best of the best?

The speakers are the greatest in the martial arts field, not only in terms of training, but also in terms of business. Their expertise is truly unmatched and the best thing is,
they will readily share their ideas with you.

Here’s what you will receive at the Summit:

  • Over 20 sessions to choose from
  • Handouts and study material to take home
  • banquet dinner

Registration fee includes access to all sessions and Banquet Dinner.

Registration only $199 per participant. Register now and save! Only valid until July 30!

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center
201 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745

The Summit is open to EFC Members only.   You can register online at and click the existing client registration link.

Renovations Update – Beta Testers Wanted

Hi Everyone,

The Site remodeling is pretty much set.  Just finished the New Member sign up pages and got everything linked in with our merchant account.  All the blogs are currently active (but you need to be a member to see them).   For a limited time, since we are still in Beta mode, I have set up the Black Belt Membership level for $5 one time fee.  That means if you join now for a one time fee for $5 and let me know about any problems you run across, you get a Black Belt Membership Level for life.  Eventually, when all the Beta Testing is done, the fee will be $5/month.  Still very reasonable but I think the one time /lifetime deal is pretty awesome.   All I ask is that you let me know what you like and don’t like, and definitely let me know if anything doesn’t work.  For those that are extremely helpful I have several bonuses that I can pass along to you.   This site is for you the school owner so I need your input to make it work for you !


To join as a Beta tester and get your $5 Lifetime Black Belt Membership, just click on the sign up tab at the top and chose the Black Belt Member level.



IMAMS is renovating to get ready for a whole new level of service.  

We are dedicated to helping you grow your schools and in order to do so we need to prepare for the next level of service.  IMAMS is now part of Martial Arts for Excellence and lead by Master Paul Garcia.

While we take a little time to update this site, please visit the MAFE site at or

Looking forward to working with you.

—Your IMAMS Team

Summer is an AWFUL time of year…

Hello Team,

We received this awesome letter from Sensei Buzzell.   We will occasionally cross post from our MAFE Members blog since IMAMS is now an integral part of MAFE.


Summer is an AWFUL time of year…

For the vast majority of my career that statement ran through my head. Every July and August we consistently lost students and did not gain. Our instructor constantly told us that it was because we had the wrong attitude- if you know me well I am an eternal optimist – but even I couldn’t fathom how thinking growth would change this problem. It was a very stressful time as I was being expected to add 20 students a month (which didn’t even happen in peek months) and we could not produce the results–EVERYONE else does it I was told. When we opened on our own school the thought was maybe to even close the school during the summer or take the summer off myself and have Skelton crew.

Then we started with MAFE. Read More→