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Stop Working “IN” Your Martial Arts School

When you started your martial arts school you were already an expert in your art. But you probably knew very little about actually running a business.

So you had to learn to do everything – the filing, bookkeeping, data entry, setting appointments, computer maintenance, etc. Read More→

Your Website as Part of Your Martial Arts Marketing Plan

If you have studied martial arts marketing and have your own dojo you know that you need a dynamic and well-maintained website. With the array of software available today to design and maintain web pages, anyone can do this for themselves. If you are short on time and have the extra cash, hiring someone to administer your website for you is a very good idea. Read More→

You Can Be a Master of Both Martial Arts and the Martial Arts Business

Masters of the martial arts have devoted a significant amount of time and passion to their craft. They are dedicated to the art and philosophy of the art. But what master wants to sit down and write a business plan? While you don’t necessarily have to write out a business plan the true master will know that the business side of running a dojo is the key to running a successful martial arts business. Read More→

Martial Arts Management and the Dojo Store

If you aren’t selling equipment, supplies, and apparel at your martial arts school, you are definitely missing out on a significant source of revenue. As a practitioner of good martial arts management, a dojo master should always be looking for ways to further serve the students and sustain the school. The sale of services and products in addition to the core school lessons is an important aspect of any successful school. The dojo store can become a very active and profitable part of your school. Read More→

What is Working ON Your Martial Arts School?

Most people believe they’re in the business of whatever product or service they are selling or providing. A restaurant owner believes he’s in the restaurant business. A dentist believes he’s in the dentistry business and a martial artist believes he is in the business of teaching martial arts.

Read More→