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Three Ways To Use Marketing To Get New Students

One of the earliest hurdles to cross in starting your school or in expanding it is to get new students. This means that you have to use marketing to get students in your school. It can be a daunting challenge for many instructors, but with a little bit of knowledge, it’s actually pretty easy. Here are a few tips to get the most out of a marketing campaign. Read More→

3 Things You MUST DO to Grow Your Martial Arts School

There are 3 things you must do every week – and sometimes every day in every class – to make sure your martial arts school thrives. Those 3 things are:

  • Bring in new students
  • Retain the students you have
  • Get more from your students

It is critical to the survival of your school that you block off time every week to focus on these 3 things. This might be 1 hour or 1 day. It might be to create a new class, new marketing program or for education in martial arts management to make sure you are growing as a martial arts school owner.

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Martial Arts Business—How to Sell Without Selling Out

Many martial arts instructors feel that there is a conflict between their values and doing what it takes to succeed. For many, the idea of martial arts marketing borders on prostituting their art. For others, it seems like the methods of successful marketing are contrary to their artistic sensibilities.

You were taught to be humble, but it seems that advertising is all about bragging. It doesn’t have to be this way. Read More→

Six Tried and True Methods of Martial Arts Marketing to Children

If you run a martial arts school, or dojo, that is targeted towards children, you know how very challenging this type of martial arts marketing can be. You want to attract the children, but the parents are the ones who pay, so you must attract them as well. What works to attract the kids might not work for the parents. Marketing is imperative to the success of your school and deserves careful thought and planning. Read More→

Six Strategies to Connect With Your Students

If your martial arts school is primarily for children and you know anything about martial arts marketing, you know that the retention of your current students is just as important as recruiting new ones. Your dojo won’t stay in business for long if more kids are leaving than are coming in. Many instructors don’t even notice that a student has dropped out until the child hasn’t attended a class for a while. A martial arts marketing plan will include several methods for keeping your students coming back. Read More→