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Tips in Martial Arts Student Retention

If the student turnover at your dojo is faster than you would like, especially if more are leaving than coming in, you must focus as much energy as possible on student retention.  Here are a few tips you can use to keep students coming back. Read More→

Using Internal Marketing Techniques to Push Your Students

Internal marketing is about getting more from your students. This includes creating a school store, holding special workshops, offering private lessons, bringing in additional family members, teaching students how to refer their friends and more. Read More→

4 Key Times When Students Leave a Martial Arts School

Sensei Richard Kim said, “It’s not a case of if your students will leave you but when they will leave you.”

In today’s world people are constantly moving, changing jobs, looking for short term satisfaction. As a martial arts school owner you have to find ways to retain your students for as long as possible.

Read More→

Run Your Martial Arts School Like the Crows Eat

Every morning I get up, walk to my foyer closet and grab a handful of peanuts. Then as I walk to the end of my driveway to get my paper, I drop them along the way.

Within minuets the crows come by to eat them.

You should run your dojo the same way the crows eat their peanuts. Read More→

Martial Arts Marketing Ideas To Bring In New Students

Whether you want to grow, to get started or merely to survive, you will need an influx of new students to at least match those who are leaving.  This is the bottom line in keeping a dojo afloat, so martial arts marketing is a necessity for every school.

You may have used some of the “tried and true” methods and haven’t seen many results.  Here are a few ideas of what you can do, and some things that you shouldn’t, to bring in new students. Read More→