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Having Options is Required to Running a Successful Martial Arts Business

When given a choice, as many as 20 percent of all buyers will choose the more expensive option regardless of what is being offered for sale.

Also, if you offer the most expensive item first you will get more people to buy then if you offer it last.

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Internal Threats and Testimonials

This is the second post in “The Black Belt Years” series of posts which reference Grand Master Jim Mather’s column in Black Belt magazine. This column ran in the June 1997 issue.

As with the first column, I found the topic even more important today then when Mr. Mather wrote it 13 years ago. He discussed how the real threat in America is not from external forces but internal threats.

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Step Up Your Martial Arts Marketing

In martial arts marketing, like in the marketing of all small businesses, the key is to get bang for your buck. Your marketing budget probably isn’t significant, so you need to stretch those dollars to make them count. The result must be more students enrolled in your school. Read More→

Expand Your Programs to Grow Your Martial Arts School

Running a martial arts business is more than just showing up and teaching a karate class. As a business it is sometimes necessary to expand beyond your niche in order to grow.

Diversification can be a very powerful way to expand your martial arts school. Big corporations do it all the time. As an example, both Target and Walmart have expanded through diversification by creating stores that now sell groceries.

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Is Your School in Financial Trouble?

This is the first in an on-going series of articles that will reference what I am calling, “The Black Belt Years” and will also become a new category of posts on the blog.

In April of 1997 Black Belt Magazine introduced a new column called, The Business of Martial Arts. The goal of the article, as the editor stated was to, “address topics dealing with the business side of the martial arts, and will discuss management strategies and offer suggestions that will help any instructor, regardless of style, increase his student enrollment and improve the overall operation of his school.

They chose IMAMS founder, Jim Mather, to write this important column. Master Mather’s first column was titled, “Is Your School in Financial Trouble?

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