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Master Paul Garcia


Master Garcia’s experience is definitely “unique”. After enjoying a successful career as a point fighter on the World Champion John Paul Mitchell National Karate Team, Master Garcia went on to open his first school at the age of only 19.

Within two years of opening that school, it quickly became one of the largest single schools in the New England area – with an active count of over 350 students (1992).

Because of the success of that school, Master Garcia was invited to become the Senior Consultant for United Professionals. A Martial Arts Billing and Management company with over 300 clients. There, Master Garcia continued to gain valuable experience as he coached many of this countries top school owners.

After working several years in the consulting field, Master Garcia decided to return to his first love – owning and operating a Martial Arts school.

In 1999 Master Garcia opened America’s Best Defense in Plainville, Massachusetts. There he continued his tradition of running a high level Martial Art facility by setting a record in the industry to signing up over 300 students in just 6 months.

The facility eventually grew to over 600 students in just 3 years.

Today, the America’s Best Defense system has grown into 12 thriving schools. Master Garcia also continues to consult and coach many schools through out the United States. He had been a guest speaker and trainer for such groups as:

National Association of Professional Martial Artist (NAPMA).
United Professionals.
Educational Funding Company.
Martial Arts University (M.A.U.I.)
The Bob Alexander Resource Group.

Currently, Master Garcia has dedicated his time by taking the experience he has gained over the years and formatting it into training modules.

This online resource center, is the result of his passion to share, and help as many others enjoy the success and privilege of doing for a living what he considers to be one of the most noble professions in life:

Teaching Martial Arts.