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Yes we have lots of options, and yes I have a suggestion.  We are in the business of helping school owners and instructors succeed.  Believe it or not, we at MAFE acquired IMAMS to help our current MAFE schools as well as past and future IMAMS schools.   MAFE has a proven track record of helping schools grow as much as 300%

So what’s my suggestion?  Here it is…. Sign up here for a Silver membership then take the $100 bonus coupon over to and use it to sign up for a Gold Level Membership.  Give us 3 months and if you are not happy after 3 months than feel free to walk away.  Subscriptions to both sites are PayPal based so you are in full control of the payments and have full control over the cancelation process.  We think that you will find both sites invaluable to your school growth.

So why not the Gold Member Level here at IMAMS???  The Gold level is here for those that want it all and want it now.  That’s not a bad thing.  There are several highly motivated and successful schools out there that are looking for new things or ideas.  There are also a lot of new school owners that are looking for a “School in a Box” system.   Our Gold Membership exists for those reasons. 

Our Silver Membership Coupled with MAFE is designed to help the small school owner that is looking to take his or her school to the next level and is looking for some guidance to do it.

If we can help you add one more student to you school, doesn’t that cover the cost of everything.  Now if we can help you grow by 200%-300%, how many new students does that add to your roster and what kind of return on your investment does that provide?



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