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Website Renovation Update

Hello Team,

The next area we are moving onto for renovations is the store.   We want to streamline the store a bit and update the graphics.  Behind the scenes we are rewriting and repackaging the modules to include video.  The new graphics will reflect the modules we have updated.  

We are also putting together a video-on-demand page so that you can quickly jump straight to a video of the material rather than just a text description. 

I thought about taking the store offline while we do this but I’ve always like to watch things as they change and gorw so fo those that want to check in on our progress I’ll be leaving everything live.

If you would like a custom package on a certain topic than please email me at and I will put together exactly what you need in the format of your chosing.

Thanks for checking in.  I hope to have everything done soon.

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