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Use Summer Camps to Increase Revenue for Your Martial Arts Business

There are several different types of martial arts training camps you can offer to your students at different points during the year. These can be divided into two basic types – campouts and day camps. Successful schools generally offer both types to their students. The summer months are the perfect time of year to do this.

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Six Steps to Creating a Successful Martial Arts School

There are at least six things a martial arts business owner must do to maintain a successful school. This list was first created by our founder, Jim Mather, in an article for the September, 1997 issue of Black Belt magazine.

The list was accurate then and remains accurate today. Let’s take a look at it.

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5 Methods of Internal Martial Arts Marketing

Internal marketing is all about presenting products and services to your existing students. This is a vital part of any top martial arts management strategy and vital to the success of your martial arts school.

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The Habit of Martial Arts Management

To be a Black Belt in the martial arts you must train every day. You must practice the basics over and over and over.  Soon you develop the habit of training.

To be a Black Belt in martial arts management you must do the same thing – practice the basics over and over and over until it too becomes a habit.

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Having Options is Required to Running a Successful Martial Arts Business

When given a choice, as many as 20 percent of all buyers will choose the more expensive option regardless of what is being offered for sale.

Also, if you offer the most expensive item first you will get more people to buy then if you offer it last.

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