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Congratulations to our own Sensei Joe Fischbach

Joe Fischbach

Accepting the EFC Program Director of the Year Award


Congratulations to Sensei Joe Fischbach for winning the EFC Program Director of the Year Award.   Last year Sensei Fischbach wrote over $1,000,000.00 in contract amount.  Feel free to email him at and ask him how he did it.

Summer is an AWFUL time of year…

Hello Team,

We received this awesome letter from Sensei Buzzell.   We will occasionally cross post from our MAFE Members blog since IMAMS is now an integral part of MAFE.


Summer is an AWFUL time of year…

For the vast majority of my career that statement ran through my head. Every July and August we consistently lost students and did not gain. Our instructor constantly told us that it was because we had the wrong attitude- if you know me well I am an eternal optimist – but even I couldn’t fathom how thinking growth would change this problem. It was a very stressful time as I was being expected to add 20 students a month (which didn’t even happen in peek months) and we could not produce the results–EVERYONE else does it I was told. When we opened on our own school the thought was maybe to even close the school during the summer or take the summer off myself and have Skelton crew.

Then we started with MAFE. Read More→