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Brush Up Your Phone Procedure

Hello Team,

2014 is here and we are off to a great start.  This is a great time to be looking at your stats from 2013 and seeing where you need to make improvements.  One big area seems to be the incoming phone calls.  Most schools spend an average of $50 per generated lead to get the phone to ring.  A lead that calls your school has already begun evaluating you, looking for reasons to join or reasons to avoid you.  How long it takes you to answer the phone and how they are greeted is just the beginning of the phone call.    Your goal for the phone call is to generate an Intro Lesson Appt.  80% of all phone calls should result in an Intro Lesson.   How are your results?

Monday Power-Up Staff Meeting

Hello Team,
I wanted to encourage you to make every effort to be on the call/video for Monday’s Meeting.  We are going to cover a lot of ground.  Our Leadership Training is going to be very powerful, and will help us all develop a better understanding on how to pick, train, and build a World Class Staff. 
On Monday’s Meeting we will: 
1. Continue our Focus on Building the Million Dollar Dojo.  We will specifically focus on the ABD Sales System and how to develop the right mindset that will turn more inquiries into appointments. 
2.  The most important exercise to do when you close out monthly stats.  This one exercise will help you make every year a record breaking year. 
3.  Leadership 101:  Why do people follow people?  The Answer is found in understanding the Leadership Drivers.  The more you understand the Leadership Drivers – the more you will know how to hire, and develop a World Class Team. 
Looking Forward to Monday,
Mr. Garcia

Birthday Tips for You

Please join us every Monday morning, for our Monday Power Up Meeting / Webinar.

Can’t do Monday mornings?  We record all the meetings so you ca see the Video or

Listen to the Audio.

Contact us to find out how.

Facebook Anyone?

Facebook-pageFacebook as you now is one of the most valuable tools for a school owner.

When I get my analytics report on my website it show me that almost 35% of those visiting my site are coming from Facebook. That makes up for the largest amount of traffic.

I want to touch on today the personal Facebook page and some tips to make it more attractive.

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Norovirus is Coming, Are you Prepared??

norovirusHello Team,

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning that a new strain of the Norovirus Bug (Stomach Virus) has hit the nation. (As if the Flu wasn’t bad enough). The Norovirus is known as a fast spreading and very contagious bug that causes vomiting and diarrhea. It gained a lot of press after quickly spreading through cruise ships.

Christmas cruise turns into ‘plague ship’ after norovirus outbreak | Society |

I guess you can imagine how quickly this could spread through your dojo and imagine if your instructors all became ill.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep your dojo healthy.

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